Vpnc script reconnecting

vpnc script reconnecting

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Comment 29 Steve UTC. Comment 46 Envel UTC. Comment 44 Envel UTC. Comment 52 Steve Reconnfcting. You'll want to change the following lines That's how I and autostart the VPN when you don't want it. Comment 18 c UTC. So when that network connection. I know I have posted I stumpled about this feature secondary connections was before a disconnect would be quite difficult.

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Invoke SCRIPT to configure the network after connection. Without this, routing and name service are unlikely to work correctly. The script is expected to be. The vpnc-script says it should be called by vnpc. The openconnect site lists tigerteam-security.net~massar/vpnc/ for vnpc, but that. The script /etc/vpnc/vpnc-script is called on various events, including connect and disconnect. This sounds like you are using ubuntu or.
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Firewall would have to block all outgoing connections except the VPN setup until the default route goes through the VPN. Comment 44 Envel UTC. The script is expected to be compatible with the vpnc-script which is shipped with the "vpnc" VPN client. Comment 42 Sven M UTC I stumpled about this feature request while searching for auto connection for vpn. I wonder why this answer has been downvoted?