I’m basically very, very happy with my physical

I’m basically very, very happy with my physical condition.
I am rather insensitive.
But recently, stress and fatigue have gone away.
It must have been piled up a lot to the point where my body sank.
I was tired and exhausted.
So it’s been a while since I changed my mind.
I think I’ll relieve the fatigue accumulated in my body.
I decided to get a proper Daegu massage

Searching for Daegu massage
What caught my eye the most was
It was called Spa Rabote.
Not a regular massage shop, but aromatherapy.
It’s a professional place, so it’s more luxurious.
I can get healing care I did.
Even when I looked it up in advance
I was very good at healing and recovering from fatigue.
There was a saying that it was the best.

So I decided to trust him and visit him.
For your information, the location of Daegu massage is
Right around the children’s center station
I was seated.

There are a lot of big buildings around.
It’s on the side of the street, so it’s hard to get there.
I didn’t have one.

Even the parking space in the building

It’s ready. It’s convenient to use your own car.

I was able to move.

I arrived on time for the 강남 출장마사지 reservation.

Daegu massage 🙂

When I opened the store

A kind employee should be bright

You’ve welcomed me.

Thank you so much for checking the reservation.

Help disinfect your hands at once.

He even arranged the shoes.

Spa latte which was cool in Daegu massage

After checking the reservation, I will talk to the teacher.

I can proceed with the consultation right away

I was there.

First of all, the worries that I have now,

After talking about the reason why I visited,

In a way that recommends care

It went on.

And by the way, I’m tired of my body.

I told you that tight muscles are a concern.

The teacher is the right person for that.

He recommended <Labote 90> care.

And body oil and diffuser flavor

Dotera essential oil to be used as well

I chose the right one for me.

Like an oil shop, there are a lot of different kinds of things.

There is a kind of oil prepared.

One of them is muscle for body oil and diffuser oil.

I chose lavender.

Lavender scent

Overall stability and stress relief,

It is said to help you sleep well!

That’s how I finished choosing oil.

You have to wear a uniform on the back.

I moved to the fitting room.

You can change inside.

The clothes and towels I have.

It was equipped.

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